Choosing the best plugins for your WordPress account is tough, and we absolutely get that. While a lot of those offers good niche solutions, not many works as per your expectations. And no matter what kind of a website you are running, one must definitely need a plugin. No worries. We have got that for you. Here are our Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins that will not only push your website high, but will make it run!


If you are still doing your SEO activities manually, searching the right keywords all day long and getting little or no results, then it is a high time to change that. And the first change would be to install RankMath.
RankMath is one of the best Plugins when it comes to website ranking, or even helping your blogs or article get the right amount of exposure that it truly deserves. RankMath does everything itself. It automates all the SEO of your WordPress works, and improves each of your posts’ optimization, which not only helps you to get the right amount of exposure that you and your work truly deserves, but also helps your website and your articles rank higher and higher and only higher.
And coming to the question of whether it has got a user-friendly interface or not, well, RankMath has got a modular framework, and by this, we mean to say that you as an user, has got complete freedom to disable the features that you do not want and keep only what you would like to have. In short, you have the complete control of your website, but with RankMath as your full-time assistant.
RankMath was created by the same brain who were behind the MyThemeShop and as they have got a vast experience of coding and maintaining more than 100+ WordPress products, so you can be well assured that your work is in good hands.

WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math


If you have just started your WordPress account, then you must have the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress account.
It is because when it comes to the security, Jetpack is the ultimate king, that safeguards you against hacking and unauthorized logins from any part of the world. While they do provide the minimum protection at free of cost, but their premium features are a real add-on and the real value for money deal, like auto-backup and auto fixes. And not only that, but it has also got features like spam filtering, two-step authentication login system, malware scanning code scanning, etc. What is great about Jetpack is that it also stores information about every change that you have made on your site, so that troubleshooting can be well simplified. Moreover, Jetpack also comes with SITE ACCELERATOR TOOLS, which upon activating, will optimize your images and will spread them with their own powerful global network.
Jetpack offers you more than fifty professional themes no matter what is your niche is, that gives you the ultimate professional look. It has also got the simple Paypal payment buttons incase you want to have a royal business experience but with ease. And the best part is its integration with the official WordPress mobile app, so now you can manage your site literally from anywhere.

Jetpack by

Google Analytics Dashboard (GAD)

If you want to add the best and the most trusted analytics dashboard to your WordPress account, then close your eyes and just go straight for Google Analytics Dashboard. Why? Well, because the name should be enough for you, right? It is GOOGLE! The number one search engine of the world!
And by this, it also means that Google Analytics Dashboard will have the most expert sense when it comes to handle a website, proposing the best SEOs and a lot of other features for your WordPress account articles or products or services. Millions of people use GAD (Google Analytics Dashboard) every day for their website, so why would you lack behind, especially when it is 100% free? Talking about what GAD has to offer, well, at the basic level, GAD works as a traffic reporter, that provides you with valuable information about how many people access your website every day, with minute details like when do they visit the most, which gender, what age, from which location, etc. Moreover, on the basis of this average, it also sets a trend for you, so that you understand your page’s activities well enough.
Google Analytics Dashboard also provides you with the bunch of keywords that actually helped people to explore your webpage. This in turn, can give you basic idea about how you can use SEOs properly and how to make your content viral and more accessible. GAD also sends you information about which Third-Party websites sent you the traffic. This will be beneficial, because now you know which site you should invest your valuable time on, and also if any new website has linked theirs with yours.

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights

XML Sitemaps

Basically, there are two kinds of sitemaps: HTML and XML. We are very much used to with the phrase HTML, but not so many of us know about XML. While HTML sitemaps leads visitors mainly; XML sitemaps show way to search engine bots, to confirm that they do discover a URL of a site to its index.
What XML does is that it molds information in such a way, that a machine will understand, because it supplies search engines with a well-organized list of URLs on a site. In short, XML Sitemaps are just text files filled up with tags that helps to identify the types of data. The URL for an XML sitemap is at the domain’s root like for example – - which is now ready for bots to avail. When a bot access your site, it first gains its hands on the robots.txt.file, which is basically, a list full of commands, along with the URLs to ignore or crawl. The robots.txt file should mention of your XML sitemap, which then in turn will send the bot off to crawl the list of URLs.
Though XML Sitemaps have its own limits as well, like No Surety of Indexation, No Link Authority Passed, and should also be checked on a regular basis for errors, mainly because of outdated, inaccurate, and duplicate URLs pushing in with surprise.

Google XML Sitemaps

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin for your WordPress account that not only optimizes each and every post, articles of your website, but also promotes a full-server-level cache and a bunch of optimization features. It is one of the most popular plug-ins that works with WordPress but is not limited to only WP, rather also works with most popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, Yoast CEO, etc.
LiteSpeed Cache works with most of the themes and plugins and it also includes a Privacy blurb that can be included in your site’s Privacy Policy through the WordPress Privacy Settings. It also keeps a record a duplicate copy of every single webpage that is going to get displayed on your website. While the general features of LiteSpeed Cache offer a lot of extraordinary features, but to avail the best ones that suits your alley, you need to access the LiteSpeed Exclusive Features by spending a few bucks.

LiteSpeed Cache
We, at Hostomy use LiteSpeed WebServer on servers to provide extra-ordinary performance and LiteSpeed Cache Plugin will work best for your website cache with our server other then any other cache plugin.


So, that was that. Hope we have helped you in choosing the best plugins that are a must have for your WordPress account. What are you waiting for? Go and just chase success!