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PHP 7.3 is Available at Hostomy

PHP 7.3 is Available at Hostomy

One of the great things about our multiple-PHP server setup is that it allows us to provide the latest PHP versions safely to anyone who wants it, even before their official stable release. As a perfect example, we've added the new PHP 7.3 to the list of available PHP branches you can use on your Hostomy account.

What’s New in PHP 7.3?

Most major PHP version updates include syntax changes, new features, and function depreciation. PHP 7.3 follows suit and has all three. If you’re writing code yourself, we strongly recommend that you check the PHP 7.3 changelog in detail, because you may find out a feature or a function you love is now deprecated (sorry).

How to Enable PHP 7.3?

Enabling PHP 7.3 is as easy as using any other PHP version at Hostomy. Simply follow this guide.