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Installing SSL in Hostomy Shared Hosting

Jan 17, 2019

By Rahul Mukati

Installing SSL in Hostomy Shared Hosting

Many new comers to hosting ask this common question about installing SSL on their domain, no doubt SSL is must recommend for each site nowadays and we at Hostomy understand users need and provide Free SSL certificate for each domain with our shared hosting which is provided by Let's Encrypt. If you are a shared hosting user at Hostomy or at any platform which provides Let's Encrypt SSL in their cPanel this simple tutorial will help you out.

Before we start, make sure you change nameservers of your domain provided by your hosting provider.

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Go to Lets Encrypt SSL

After login, scroll  a bit down, you will see "Let's Encrypt™ SSL" option under Security tab, click on that.

Step 3: Select domain

Once your page is loaded you will see the list of your non SSL installed domains under Issue a new certificate option. Simply click on issue link in front of the domain you wish to install SSL for.

Step 4: Issue the SSL Certificate

Last step is to issue SSL certificate for the selected domain, you can simply click on issue button at bottom left keeping the settings default.

After a successful installation you will see a message as below.

And that's it! Job done.

Please note your domain will not automatically redirect to https after installing SSL by the above method. If you are using WordPress you can install plugin - "Really Simple SSL" to make a redirect to https hassle free.