If you want to host your WordPress with Litespeed web technology, then you just landed at the right guide.

Litespeed web technology is faster than Apache, and it is not free; however, They offer open Litespeed that is the free and open source.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to install cyber panel a free server friendly control panel that runs on open Litespeed technology.
CyberPanel comes with GUI interface and command line Interface, some other CyberPanel features are :

  • LS Cache
  • GIT Deployment
  • 1 Click WordPress Install
  • ModSecurity
  • Let's Encrypt SSL

Let's install CyberPanel, it require a VPS / Server with CentOS operating system.

Step 1: Connect to your VPS through Putty.

On your command line terminal run it as a single command:

sh <(curl https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh || wget -O - https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh)

Installation can take upto 20 minutes, after successful installation you can login to your CyberPane.

Step 2: Login to your CyberPanel

After logging it will redirect you to dashboard.

Visit: https:<IP Address>:8090
Username: admin
Password: 1234567

After logging it will redirect you to dashboard.

Step 3: Click On Websites > Create Website

From left sidebar, click on Create Website option which you will find under websites section.

Step 4: Setup your site configuration

The next will be setting up your site configuration. Select Package, enter your domain name without WWW, email and select PHP 7.2 Version and click on Create Website.

It is done, you just created first website on CyberPanel.

Step 5: Install WordPress

After creating site it's time to install WordPress on it.

Click on Websites > List Websites

It will redirect you to list of websites that you have created on CyberPanel .

Now click on your website. Scroll Down and click on Install WordPress with LS Cache.

Point A record of your domain name in DNS to VPS IP, and open Domain name in browser, it will redirect you to WordPress installation URL.

Open Litespeed also comes with LS Cache for WordPress, it is a plugin that produce static file of WordPress to boost website loading time and SEO. To activate Litespeed plugin, Login to your WordPress, Go to plugins and activate LS Cache.

Hurrah! Your WordPress with Litespeed technology is now ready!

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