E-mail accounts are very important now a days, mainly when you are running a business site, it's very necessary to have email account with your own domain name. It help's towards business communications and improves brand awareness.
In this tutorial we will demonstrate by creating an email account in cPanel in very easy few steps which you will be able to do very easily.

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Go to Email Accounts

Secondly we will go to Email Accounts option under Email section.

Step 3: Click on Create Button

You will see a create button, click it!

Step 4: Create E-mail Account

The final step is to create e-mail account, which can be done by choosing your domain name and following with username of your e-mail account and setting password for the same.

Finally clicking on create button will setup your e-mail account in cPanel and you will see your e-mail account be created.

You can then use your e-mail account to send and receive mails, to check mails simply click on "Check Email" button in front of e-mail account you wish to check mails for. You can create multiple e-mail accounts for same domain.

You can directly login to webmail by adding "/webmail" with your domain, exampe site.com/webmail, which will redirect you to webmail login page where you can simple enter your e-mail and password you wish to login account with.