LiteSpeed Web Server, is proprietary web server software. It is the 4th most popular web server, estimated to be used by 3.5% of websites as of October 2018. LSWS is developed by privately held LiteSpeed Technologies.

LiteSpeed Web Server is the main superior, high-adaptability web server from Litespeed advancements. It tends to be utilized to supplant a current Apache server without changing some other projects or working framework points of interest, and without breaking anything. In that capacity, LiteSpeed Web Server can rapidly supplant a noteworthy bottleneck in your current web facilitating stage. With its far reaching scope of highlights and simple to-utilize web organization reassure, LiteSpeed Web Server can enable you to overcome the difficulties of sending a powerful web facilitating framework.

LiteSpeed Web Server offers a combination of cutting-edge features, outstanding scalability, best-in-class performance, Apache compatibility and application-level cache acceleration.

With standard compliant ESI cache engine, LiteSpeed is able to implement complex caching solutions to meet the demand of today’s highly dynamic web applications.

Server Load Graph

Performance & Scalability

Litespeed web server expands the execution and adaptability of web facilitating stages through its novel occasion driven engineering. It has the capacity of serving a great many clients at the same time with least utilization of server assets, for example, Memory and CPU. The extraordinarily created and improved code of Litespeed web server builds the PHP execution and serves the static sites quicker than Apache. It has the ability of taking care of sudden spikes in rush hour gridlock and also help in dealing with the DDOS assault with no DDOS relief equipment.


Litspeed web server is compatible with Apache's mod_security feature and has built in anti-DDoS capability. With customizable features such as per-IP connection, request, and bandwidth throttling, IPs that make too many connections or requests or ask for too much bandwidth are blocked, stopping attackers before they overrun your server.

WordPress Benchmark

We compared the speed at which different web servers and caching platforms respond to requests for WordPress pages on a cPanel setup, using both non-keep-alive and keep-alive connections.

Our test platforms included:

  • LiteSpeed Enterprise (LSWS) using the popular W3 Total Cache and WPRocket WordPress cache plugins, as well as with our LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress.
  • Apache using the W3 Total Cache and WPRocket WordPress cache plugins.

Our results showed Apache (with keep-alive enabled) peaking around 1,300 and 700 requests per second with W3TC and WPRocket, respectively.

With the exact same setup, LSWS with W3TC and WPRocket delivered around 4,800 requests per second, an improvement factor of over 2.6x or 6x respectively.

Using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress with LSWS easily handled close to 5,200 requests per second.