Many of us uses cPanel as a web hosting control panel, you maybe be using Shared Hosting or a Private server. Well, no doubt cPanel is the best web hosting control till date. If you are a Shared Hosting user you may have limit on adding multiple domain in cPanel as per the package you are using. If your Hosting Package allow multiple domain hosting then this tutorial can helpful to you. In this tutorial we will cover the process of adding domain in cPanel with images.

Before we start, make sure you change nameservers of your domain provided by your hosting provider.

Step 1: Login to cPanel

First of all, you will need to login to your cPanel account. If you don't have login credential of cPanel you can ask your Hosting Provider to provide it.

Step 2: Go to Addon Domains

After login, scroll  a bit down, you will see "Addon Domains" option under Domains tab.

Step 3: Add Domain

You will need to fill "New Domain Name" field with the domain you want to add. After filling click on "Add Domain".

And that's it! Job done. Now you can put your website files under the document root of your domain.